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“Kara first applied for the part in my game with a clear and concise audition that delivered just what I needed for the character. From there, she quickly and professionally delivered the substantial amount of lines and was more than happy to provide retakes if needed. She clearly understood her character's personality, while adding her own little pleasant nuances to the role along the way. Working with her was a thoroughly pleasant experience.”
—Greg Trex, Ex Conspectu - By The Shadows

“Kara is a true talent and a delight to work with. Her dedication to quality and professionalism is unparalleled, and it’s been an honor to have her as the voice of my epic fantasy adventure, the Grimoire Saga.”
—S.M. Boyce, author (The Grimoire Saga, four volume series)

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“Finding the right narrator for Chasing the Butterfly proved to be both a challenge and blessing. The number of audio auditions for this award-winning book exceeded our expectations. In the end, we selected Kara Kovacich Stewart as our narrator. Kara's voice, attention to detail, and willingness to make necessary corrections produced just the right "voice" for this tender story. We could not have placed the project in more caring hands. Thanks, Kara. You're a true professional.”
— Eddie Jones, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (Chasing the Butterfly by Jayme Mansfield)

“Kara Kovacich Stewart is a consummate pro. An amazing voice with all the right flair, she was the perfect choice for Dirge. She performed the work without flaw and delivered ahead of schedule. You can't ask for better than that.”
—Tim Marquitz, author (Dirge) Co-owner and Editor in Chief of Ragnarok Publications

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